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Standards compliant browsers are available for Windows at little or no cost. Don't know where to start? Click the browseHappy button on the lower right for suggestions, comparisions and download sources. Pick one, use it, enjoy.

Netscape 4.x and below

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Users of older Netscape browswers owe it to themselves to upgrade and experience the full web. Upgraded Netscape and other browsers can be found via the browseHappy button on the lower right. In the meantime, Netscape 4.x results will be a bit wonky if stylesheets are enabled. Just turn off Stylesheets and everything will appear--only without the snazzy look. The sequence is: Edit->Preferences->Advanced. Uncheck Enable Stylesheets.

Accessabiltiy & US Section 508

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These pages were marked up with accessabilty in mind. Web pages that conform to the WAI Guildlines will be useable by the widest possible audiance. As a bonus, US Section 508 compliance is achieved by WAI 1.0 compliant web pages.