Patricia A. Heier Hanf

Patricia A. Heier Hanf

1925 - 2006

Nearly sixty years ago, Pat founded of Heier's Farm Mkt, now known as Heier's CarryOut, a place familiar to those south of Dayton, in the Miamisburg/Miami Township area.

She was Aunt Pat to me.

Leave a note to the family at via the Dayton Daily.

MiamiValleyMusicMen Spring Sing Pix

Pictures from the annual Miami Valley Music Men spring concert.

...it's May already.

The first crocus bloomed and peeked through the snow.... three months ago. Real content, for the casual browser?? Blogging?? ..nah.

Layout inspiration

Yes, your life to can be improved with CSS. Just take twice daily with juice or water...

Seriously though, the layout was inspired by Eric Meyer's demos: The Edge.

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